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2017 Beijing Poly Mineral auction Successfully!


"2017 Beijing Poly Mineral auction" got wonderful success in 2017,Dec 17th!(More details please see from Beijing Poly International Auction Co. Ltd.

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2017,July 22th The Geological museum of China Hosted Mineral Collecting and appreciating Salon


For promoting communication and cooperation of minerals collectors or fans、mineral dealers and professional,exploring mineral collecting market’s hot points

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Flowing light and color—Gem Minerals special exhibition


"Flowing light and color—Gem Minerals special exhibition" was exhibiting in Zhejiang Museum of Natural History,No.6 WestLake Cultural Square,Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province,China

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2020 Sept 25th ShangHai mineral collectors communication event


2020 Sept 25th “ShangHai mineral collectors communication event report
For helping more...

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2020 NOV.8th-10th. Exhibiting in The 15th China YiWu cultural and tourism products trade fair.


“Zhejiang Museum of natural history” AND “Shanghai Crystal culture communication ltd(Abbreviation : Crystal culture)” joint exhibiting in the 15th China YiWu cultural and tourism products trade fair.

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2020 Nov 19th Crystal culture exhibiting successfully in the third Yangtze river delta international cultural industries expo


2020 Nov 19th to 22th "Zhejiang Museum of natural history" and "Shanghai crystal Culture Communication Ltd (Abbreviation: crystal culture) " joint exhibiting successfully in the 2020 Yangtze river delta international cultural industries expo.

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2021 Sep 11th-15th Crystal culture Minerals trip


2021 Sep 11th Shanghai crystal Culture Communication Ltd (Abbreviation: Crystal Culture) visited one Mining area in GuiLin, Guangxi province, China.This Mining

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2022 July 21th-23th HuNan Museum of Geology mineral specimen purchase event


ShangHai crystal culture communication Ltd(Abbreviation: Crystal Culture) always kept wonderful and long term cooperation with many museums here, for trying hel

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