2020 Sept 25th ShangHai mineral collectors communication event

2020 Sept 25th “ShangHai mineral collectors communication event” report

For helping more mineral collectors communication, and spread minerals knowledge,  “Mr. Chen XiaoJun(John)” with “ShangHai crystal culture communication Ltd” set up the “ShangHai mineral collectors communication event” before the holiday time. This event locality in their office gallery.

The bright spot of the events: displayed some of ShangHai collectors’ collection、nice Chinese minerals from some source friends、 worldwide different size and species minerals、some special gemstone.

The entrance of the office, the rock house style.

The office work area, they were ready for service for minerals world.

The gallery area in the office, displayed worldwide nice minerals.

the rest area for the visitors in the office, free coffee ;-)


Some of showcase display style.

the storage area also displayed some special pieces.


Green quartz with small Ilvaite crystals from inner Mongolia, China. Backside also green quartz, special ilvaite cluster matrix and good luster.

Pyromorphite in plumbogummite geode from Guangxi province, China. The color and shape looks great!

Red fluorite and green calcite from inner Mongolia, China

Clear and Special shape Aquamarine from Vietnam.

Chen XiaoJun(John), the founder of ShangHai crystal culture communication ltd, holding the big tourmaline. You are welcome!

Vistors: XiAn View stone association vice-president: Wang YaDong、BaoJi Natural History Museum Curator: Hao TianXi.

Some mineral lovers were looking minerals. Also many young men and ladies are enjoy the mineral collecting, They have strong passions! And the amount of young mineral lovers is growing.

Chen XiaoJun(John) was talking minerals with a professional ShangHai collector. Many mineral collectors here are experts in different area of minerals world.

Since the event ended in 28th Sept, but no worry, they will set up more mineral events in future, and you are also welcome to visit the gallery anytime, they displayed many Chinese nice minerals and worldwide different size and species minerals in the gallery for long-term exhibition, please feel free to make an appointment with John for visiting.