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Science lecture web is a science commonweal website who provide free online science lecture video, created by TONGJI university and shanghai crystal culture communication ltd, also obtained many supports from shanghai science and technology committee、china youth development foundation、China geological museum、HuNan geological museum、AnHui geological museum、ShanXi geological museum etc. Since museums、scientific research institutions、universities have strong power in experts team also have plenty of specimens, we invited experts scholars to give some fixed title lectures or some lectures about specimens they have, and make the videos about these popularization science lectures, then update to science lecture website for public can watching online also save offline. Any place where have internet, can watch or learn from computer、mobile phone etc network terminals.

And wish to do the best to save or protect many knowledge and experience from the experts scholars, also many valuable specimens, from the video digitized way, then can save them online or offline long time, since the strong developing of internet technology, from the internet digitized info spreading, break through the time and space limits of traditional activity to popularize science, more and more peoples can watch、learn and sharing many science knowledges.