Shanghai crystal culture communication ltd was set up in 2013, abbreviation: “Crystal Culture”, Company official website: www.MineralCrystal.com, Wechat official platform: meilikuangwu. Company founder Chen Xiao Jun has been focusing on minerals since 2006. Main business of the company is: Supply Fine Minerals from China, also from worldwide. It is the one of most professional mineral specimen company in China, also found and discovered new found mineral specimen in China: Liroconite, talmessite etc.

And It has many and long-term cooperation with all mineral lovers, museums. Such as: The Geological museum of China, Shanghai natural history museum etc. Its customers are also from all over the world: Australia, Germany, USA, Spain etc. And It has been reported by many medias, such as: The Mineralogical Record, Lapis etc. Its professional and efficient service team, meticulous and rigorous work style, has won the trust and praise of customers and society.

2020 Sept. Crystal culture founder Xiaojun Chen hand the nice tourmaline piece.

Xiaojun Chen: An emissary to promote Chinese and worldwide mineral specimen culture communication!

The company founder: Mr. Xiaojun Chen (born in 1983, Rudong, Jiangsu, and living in Shanghai, China, 2005 graduated from university, ) has been focusing on the mineral specimen business since 2006. He has a unique talent and strong passion for the mineral specimen business, and learned geology, mineralogy and crystallography, gemology, etc by himself.

2009 Chen XiaoJun in the mine.

Around 2006, he built most professional mineral website: ChinaRuff Minerals.(CHINARUFF MINERALS), For now:MineralCrystal.Com

2010 He opened first professional mineral shop in ShangHai(ChinaRuff collection), selling Mineral specimen、Fluorescent minerals Etc.

2010 Chen XiaoJun and his professional mineral shop which is the first one in ShangHai that time.

In order to manage the mineral specimen business well, he travels throughout the country of China, actively conducting research in mining areas or markets, patiently guiding friends in the mining area or industry to understand, discover, and preserve rare mineral specimens. He is very enthusiastic about spreading knowledge or information related to mineral specimens and has made great contributions to the popularization and promotion of mineral specimens!

And he has continuously gone abroad and participated in various exhibitions such as the Denver Mineral show in USA, the Tucson Mineral show in USA and the Munich mineral show in Germany. He has had in-depth communication and cooperation with numerous professionals from around the world, successfully promoting high-quality Chinese mineral specimens to various parts of the world, and helped many people around the world to learn more about high-quality mineral specimens from China. At the same time, he had successfully introduced numerous high-quality mineral specimens from worldwide to China, many of which have been exhibited in major museums in China. When some Chinese research institutions urgently needed some special mineral specimens, Chen Xiaojun immediately went all out to communicate with professionals in the global mineral specimen industry and successfully imported relevant rare mineral specimens from worldwide.

2011 His first time with over 200 piece minerals joined the US Tucson show, interesting! he sold out all!

In 2011, Xiaojun Chen joined the Tucson show in QUALLITY INN show, the poster near his booth No.123.

In 2019, Xiaojun Chen joined the international symposium on gemstones and minerals exhibition which held by Zhejiang Museum of natural history.

Xiaojun Chen founded the professional mineral specimen website in Chinese and English: MineralCrystal.com, which is popular among mineral enthusiasts around the world. Through the screen, he constantly communicates with various parts of the world about high-quality mineral specimens and more mineral related content. He had also helped numerous Chinese and foreign experts and scholars successfully write books and have been reported by multiple Chinese and foreign media, such as The Mineral Record magazine in the USA and Lapis magazine in Germany. Xiaojun Chen has made many efforts and contributions to promoting global mineral specimen or crystal cultural communication and the development of the Chinese mineral specimen industry! Can be regarded as an emissary for promoting global mineral specimen culture communication!

Chinese professional online mineral specimen platform: www.mineralcrystal.com 

For better service for customers and suppliers, he successfully held the Shanghai gem & mineral exhibition and sell event in 2020 Sept 7th-8th, this event he invited many excellent gem & minerals dealer joined the events.

Xiaojun Chen displays hundreds of mineral species from around the world in his office in Shanghai, China.

For better promoting mineral culture and science, 2020 Nov set up the the mineral popular science reading 《Mineral Express》, new content is published irregularly, main content is the presentation of mineral specimens.

The report about Xiaojun Chen on The Mineralogical Record magazine from USA.

Famous German mineral magazine <Lapis>, reported the new found mineral Liroconite from China in the end of 2021, also Xiaojun Chen and MineralCrystal.com

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